Sunday, 31 May 2015

New additions

Well, the Ghetto incubator worked like a rockstar. 4 our 4 eggs and I now have some grandchildren. Even not walking properly, they can make a mess of water in seconds. I think from the back Scramble, Sunny, Benedict and Easy. But then I could be wrong.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Season Started

Romance Series Bush Cherries
Well we had a amazing warm week this week with temps in 20's every day and upper 20's this weekend. Consequently the garden has undergone the miraculous spring change.I am pretty sure I will be living off it  by the 15th of May. A full 2 weeks earlier than last year.

One of the things I have missed these last two summers is fresh cherries. My own Saskatoon bush cherries taking some time to grow to maturity. This year they are in full bloom and I am hoping I will have my first crop.

My idea for these was to grow them into a hedge - a really attractive and fruitful one.
Happy Haskap

Of the 8 haskaps I planted, only two bushes look really happy and 2 seemed to have died down to the ground, but are now showing some fresh signs of growth. I am not sure these two bushes got pollinated even. I hope the remaining 6 put in the growth they need and are happier this summer.

Unknown hard neck garlic
The straw from the duck house and then compost on top seems to have made my garlic very happy this year. My French grey shallots less so. I really do go through a good 50 bulbs of garlic in a year, and have not bought any now in 3 years. One crop that I really use all year around and had some success since buying these bulbs at a local farmers market. The farmer had no idea what it was called, but said his parents had grown it before him. The expensive shipped garlic named varieties really did not have the same success.

Some of my squash seeds have not sprouted and I am starting to get concerned. Perhaps they need a bit more heat?!

Everywhere you go though it is spring. My Asian pear tree has some of my favourite  flowers off all fruit trees and is showing its stuff