Monday, 23 September 2013

End Of Summer - Success!

Well My 3 months no Fruit or Vegetable air-mile challenge was a success. Well mostly. I took a weeks vacation in Cuba and did not take my own veggies. Probably blew my air miles I saved as well. This is the first time I missed my veggies on a all inclusive though. I came back with a cold and so a little behind in the garden. Sooo, what did I learn

1) Early Summer is the hardest and no surprise late spring was known as the hungry months. Fruit wise strawberries, haskaps  are helpful. Vegetables are tougher as the "meaty" veggies have not had enough time. Peas rapidly became my staple with lettuce an other greens, kale (from last year) and radishes. Green onions this year I flopped on, but got to eat my Egyptian walking onions.

2) Mid summer is bounty. Fruit includes gooseberries, mulberries, currents etc Vegetables became another zucchini.  I way overdid zuchnini's this year, but found that only the very sunny spots produced. 3 plants should be enough, especially with hybrids. Tomatoes this year where late and I waited too long to plant my bush beans which could have gone in earlier. They kicked in late summer with huge impact. I have still had little luck with cauliflower and Broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I did get some leaf broccoli and kohlrabi, and even cabbage. I do need to find the right seeds for the others thought. Cucumbers this year where small but plentiful. I forget to eat them too often though. Dont lets forget onions. shallots and garlic!

3) Late Summer I was a little sparse on fruit. My apples, and pears being too small. Blackberries did kick in nicely and I still got some strawberries. Tomatoes were not huge success this year, but I still had an abundance. Black cherry still being my favourite snack. With the eggplant kicking in, I was back to an abundance and grilled they are spectacular. I need more varieties. Okra was slow. My late planted fillet climbing beans kicked in and even my South African Gem squash. Okra was late planted and slow, due to slugs. I have not had much of a harvest yet, but they loaded with flowers. Then there was peppers. early eating green peppers rock, especially liked my alma paprika, not really sweat or hot. Jalopenos in abundance 1 bush is all you need and onions still being eaten.

Next year, eggplant (more variety) and Okra must be seed planted earlier. New cucumbers (edible skin) and new broccoli / cauliflower/ Brussels Sweat onions rules, and wala wala buy the hundreds, but I need to get in some early green or other onions. Beans in the ground earlier and try for at least 3 crops of bush beans.

What I missed - Cherries and Mushrooms. Next year my cherry bushes may still be a bit small, but I may get a few. I need to get the mushroom log working! Thornless Blackberries have spread like crazy and all my fruit trees grown. on that front I think I am good.