Some Favourite Things to Grow

First off let me say, MANY of my seeds come from previous years. But every year in January, I go a little squirrelly and start buying seeds for the coming season. The ones I want to try.

A few of them tend to stick - those that I find noticeably more in demand.

  1. Arugula Selvatica Wild 
  2. Arugula Rocket(cu;tivated)
  3. Red Mustard
  4. Forellenshluss lettuce
  5. Wasabi mustard
  6. Blue Vates Kale
  7. Dino Kale

Tomato (from last year mostly)

  1. Black Cherry - My personal favorite


  1. Jimmy Nardello Sweat salad favorite
  2. Antohi Romanian pepper. Love the smell and taste
  3. Piri Piri (hoping that by keeping seeds from the first fruit, this will bread earlier)
  4. Really Hot & tasty - ok i dont know what its name is...
  5. Aji Lemon - bountiful with great lemon taste

Egg Plant

    1. Eggplant Kamo

      Beans & Peas

      1. Snap Peas 


        1. Diva



              1. Purple Peacock Broccoli
              2. chard - Rainbow 
              3. Cabbage Cuor di Bue (Big Oxheart)
              4. Kale Black Tuscan (updated seed)
              5. Cabbage Savoy Di Piacenza (Winter)
              6. Spinach Winter Giant
              7. Rapini Fasanese
              8. Chinese Michihili Cabbage
              9. Mammoth Red Rock Heirloom Cabbage
              10. Purple Sprouting Heirloom Broccoli


                1. Red Kuri
                2. Squash Delicata
                3. Black Futsu
                4. Zucchini Tondo di Nizza


                1. Mexican Coriander
                2. Coriander - Cilantro (Tastes like summer to me)
                3. Rosemary
                4. Parsley Moss Curled 
                5. Basil Large Leaf - Foglia di Lattuga


                1. French Grey Shallots - year 2 planted and expanded
                2. Garlic - Some 90 heads. Some 80 from last year and 10 added from the Montreal farmers market Spanish garlic. 
                3. Onion Long of Tropea (Tropeana Lunga)
                4. Leek American Flag (Poireau)
                5. Walla Walla Sweet


                1. Lampascioni Muscari Comosum (Lampoon) 
                2. Melon Cantaloupe Charentais
                3. Purple Heirloom Tomatillo Seeds

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