The blog is mostly about a record of things I want to keep track of and perhaps share with others learning to grow. These are some tomato seeds that I grown or are growing.

You will notice I like cherry tomatoes. Mostly since they work great as office snacks and quick to pick, was and snack. This year I added a few more dwarf varieties and I am hoping to find one that will survive winters indoors, with perhaps just a nit of supplemental light.


Yellow Pear (2013) - My polish neighbour's favourite
Black Cherry (2013) - My personal favourite goto
Green Doctors (2018)
Dikovinka (2018)
Red Pear (2018)
Cherry Roma (2017) - 2017 was worst year for tomatoes with cold wet summer
Red cherry (2013)
Galina (2018) Yellow
Sun Drop (2015)  great yellow cherry
Tommy Toe (which one was that???) I think I mixed this with micro tom in my mind. 2018 should settle this.
Coyote (2018) yellow
Pomodoro (yeah I cant read the rest

Mid size
Amish Paste - (2018)
Lyubymyy (2017) 2017 was worst year for tomatoes with cold wet summer
Roma (2014) - Love the firm classic
Chernyy Slon (2018) (black)
Black Krim (2014) - taste and oh so a ugly duckling.
Stupice (2016) Red potato leaf - Reliable and early here
Green Zebra (2015) - nice "fresh" slicer
Red Jupiter (2018)
Japanese Trifle (2018) with a name like that...

Large Size
Ananas Noire - (Black Pineapple) (2018)
JD’s Special C-Tex (2018) Black
Delicious (2018) red

Micro Tom (2018) Suspect seed as it grew far bigger
Rejina (2018)
sweat tumbler (2018)

Red Robin  (2018)

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