Saturday, 31 January 2015

2014 Review

2014 garden got planted and then I changed jobs. The commute took up much of the time I would have used to posted here. The few hours of light left, was spent nurturing and eating my crop. As usual at this time of year, (about when that groundhog signals its mid winter), I start getting garden antsy.

So today I spent a number of hours researching and buying seeds. I tend to go way overboard, but then it would not be mid winter if I did not. I tried two new seed sources this year, Hawthorn Farm and Solana Seeds. They seemed to offer some nice open pollinated and less often found variety. For my more common open pollinated seeds I bought from Weston Seeds. They have a lot of Italian (and other) heirlooms and I have had great success with their more than generous packets of seed. I am sure I will do a few more still. I love going to William dam seeds and would love to make a purchase from kitazawa seed co, but the shipping seems a extreme to Canada.

So what did I really love last year, well Japanese turnips must be high on my list of discoveries. The  Hakurei Turnip I are raw it tasted so good. Second great discovery that made its way into my every year plan is Aji Lemon hot peppers. I ate those every day. Kale and Rappini got used a lot along with pretty much all my tomatoes. (ducks ate much of my cabbage and pack choy)

What did not work was my mushroom logs. Not a single mushroom from them. Too hot, too dry? also did not not have much luck with winter squash, but that may be the year. It was not that hot and lots of rain later.

So this year, my focus landed on cabbage and squash although I really am looking for fresh eating non-cooked veggies. These I found I took for lunch or snacks and ate everywhere. But my attempts last year to make sauerkraut and Kimchi, keeps jumping to mind. Here is my 2015 seeds I added

Its time to set up my indoor lights again, find the timer and start growing. feeling that sense of indoor gardening in expectation of summer. another year, another promise. My Zero food mile pledge. With ducks laying, I may have a crop abundance this year.