Saturday, 18 April 2015

Early Spring bulbs

Having Grown up in the southern hemisphere and the subtropics, bulbs were not common (for that matter seasons were not that defined)

But every year I scout out my neighbours snow drops, as I am yet to find some for my garden. The true harbinger of spring when you see these, you know there is no stopping it.

The second small bulb that I love is blue bells. These add a early dash of dainty colour when one is truly tiered of white. Dainty and small, they singularly they don’t make that much of an impact, but together they can be quiet striking.

By the time one starts seeing crocus, you really know things are happening. I tried a few times now to plant these in my lawn, but they dont seem to be happy there. Yet in flower beds and other garden borders they flower a week earlier than the earliest daffodils for me.

These were taken 3 weeks before last frost date for my area.

Yolk Attack

So I trying to get a little more early spring gardening in, now that the neighbours cut down the trees bordering the fence. When I notice Yolk has taken to chasing birds and other animals in the garden.  Territorial man that he is and all.

But every time I turned around he seems to be right behind me and get a fright.  So I got the video camera out, and held it over my shoulder as I walked away. From head down charge to his fright when I turn around to face him.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ghetto Incubator take 2

Well, as mentioned, my initial design put the heat store near the heat source.
I soon discovered its better to leave the heating bulb without the heat store, and move the heat store to under the eggs and add a small fan to circulate the air,

Now I have 2 bricks on the one side, with a glass dish sitting on top of this heat store. In the dish I have some shavings and eggs. On the other side  the light bulb, fan and container of water to keep up the humidity. The fan blowing on the bulb and distributing the heat. Once the bricks heated up, this became far more stable temperature zone, and varies no more than .2 degrees Celsius of the 37-38 degrees zone. Mostly sticking right in the 1 degree range.

The Ghetto 2 - Eggs are in a glass dish with some padding, on top of 2 bricks. Left bottom is the PC fan, some water to keep the humidity up, and the light bulb connected to the temperature controller set to switch on at 37 and off at 38 degrees celcius.

I am looking forward to some grandchildren. It should be the first week of May. I will then have news on the effectiveness of the new design.

Ramping Ramps

Looks like my Ramps survived the transplant.  A 2or3" up already and looking really healthy in the front yard. I hope the ones in the back under the oaks establish themselves as well, but there is more shade there. Like asparagus, I am sure I am a few years from harvesting my first.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Planting time!

Well yesterday I planted out some onions and leeks. Yes I know I am a week ahead of my calendar, but we just had 2 days that were in the double digits, the birds were out and weather great. There was nothing colder than -2 Celsius  in the forecast, and lots of rain. The onions looked a little crowded, and so I broke the clump in half and planted half out in the garden.

With my neighbour cutting down the huge spruce trees, my garden looks sparse.  I am also expecting that this was done in prelude to them adding a second story, which will then grant then a superb view of my garden. I planted some new asparagus roots, and moved a few things to along the fence were the large trees were. How many years will it take for the yews to be tall enough to block their view and I now have to work something in to block the noise from the park.

This year, I went out and picked up 2 cubic yards of Mushroom Compost. I have no proof that’s its organic, but this early, in the season, its last years and well aged. That does not mean it does not still smell like horse manure. The straw from the ducks house is in the beds now, with a layer of mushroom compost covering it. I am hoping it will compost quiet rapidly.

I pruned the grapes and did my best on the fruit trees. (This is something I think requires some more practice on my part). Then with aching body, went to bed quiet early.

This is what I woke to this morning.....