Sunday, 17 November 2013

2014 Garlic and FG Shallots Planted

17 November garden.
Well, I have to say I kind of dropped the ball on my blog these last couple months. My peppers seemed to be attacked - possibly pepper weevil although I also had a lot of earwigs, thanks to the very moist  and cool summer. My Tomatoes this year also did not have very good yields. I need to space them a little further I think.
Tuscan or as I prefer Dino Kale Still producing

Well first hard frost last week and things are mostly done. I moved a few things into my cold frame, and I hope they last there a little longer, possibly mature. (lettuce, a few herbs, some pak choy and some chard. The Tuscan (dino) kale is still doing wonderfully, and its now fining its ways into my fall stews, along with the parsnips, leeks and turnips. I must plant more turnips for fall next year, as they add a nice flavour to a good stew.

With most of the rest finished, I had room to plant my French Grey Shallots (year 2). They say plant smaller French Grey shallots and eat the larger. Last year, I bought a a bit over a pound from a farmers market, and planted them all in 3 rows of 4 feet. They did not grow as tall as I thought, and so the first row was badly shaded. This year, they in the front of the bed, and I planted 4 rows x 4 for 16 square foot. The first row with smallest and the second row with the largest of my seed stock. lets see if the smaller ones really do grow as well.
3rd attempt at Brussels Sprouts and I think I have some. 

My garlic (also Year 2) My garlic is become a little mixed, a local variety (from farmers market, music and my neighbors variety she has being growing for years. I can no longer tell them apart. I simply pick the nicer large bulbs to replant, with the idea that they are the ones that like my environment best. I planted a little less this year, 5 per foot in 16 squares foot as well\. 16 x 5 would be 80 bulbs if they all grow well.