Monday, 5 February 2018

Seed Hunting

Its about mid December when the itch starts. Relentless research and googleing for seeds. What will 2018 harvest be? Soo many things I want to try, soo little space.

Every year I try have a theme. Tis year was tough. First, while down in Mexico, I came across a wall of seeds - lets just say I don't speak Spanish, so I landed up with a lot of seeds I needed to Google to find out later what they were. Peppers and herbs features well though.

Not only did my trip south gets me seeds, but then Tortillas were amazing. Now I grew up in a maize staple eating country, but watching the street vendors make fresh tortillas for my morning quesadilla, was enlightening. I could grow dent corn, I would love learning the process as ancient as it is. How much corn would the ancients grow? Hows that work in a square foot garden :-)

In the end I read a wonderful article on Kenyan farmers had more than doubled their harvest using pole beans. I had grew scarlet runner beans last year, plus my usual purple French bean and another I cant even remember its name. I liked the French purple as green beans - yes the purple as green, but I had never really had favorites.

So while I may grow some Mexican peppers and herbs and even some corn, this year I think I going to grow more beans. So I have
  • White runner
  • Cherokee trail of tears
  • Flagg
  • Kentucky wonder
  • Kahnawake Mohawk
  • True Cranberry
  • Rattlesnake
  • Blue Lake
  • Super Maconi
  • And something simply called Fava - oops not a pole bean
Together with last years, I think I have a lot of beans this year. Anything I missed? Whats your favourite bean to grow and eat. The plan is to try plant them similarly and compare their harvest. 

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